"Bang Bang I'm Dead": The Marysville Shooter's Chilling Final Texts

In the week before he shot four students to death at at Marysville-Pilchuck High School last month, 15-year-old Jaylen Fryberg sent dozens of ominous text messages to friends and family members. "Bang bang I'm dead" one reads. "I set the date. Hopefully you regret not talking to me," reads another. » 11/20/14 4:55pm Yesterday 4:55pm

Heroes Raid Doritos Truck to Survive Buffalo's Devastating Snowstorm

As you've no doubt heard, a giant snowstorm has shutdown most of Buffalo. People were trapped for dozens of hours, some of them without food or water. A few of braver ones to took the street to gather food from an obvious source: an abandoned Doritos truck. » 11/19/14 4:30pm Wednesday 4:30pm

Bike Accident Left Bono With Shattered Eye, Bone Poking Through Arm

Maybe someone really is trying to kill Bono. Three days after the U2 singer ate shit while biking in Central Park, Rolling Stone has published a detailed report of his injuries, which include a broken eye orbit, a fractured shoulder, and a shattered left humerus bone (parts which ended up stabbing through the skin of… » 11/19/14 2:30pm Wednesday 2:30pm

Lawyer: Tracy Morgan May Not Recover From "Severe Brain Injury"

Tracy Morgan's attorney says the comedian may not fully recover from the "severe brain injury" he suffered in addition to a broken leg, nose, and ribs in last June's deadly limo accident. » 11/18/14 6:48pm Tuesday 6:48pm

Charles Manson Is Probably Getting Married to a 26-Year-Old Next Month

Everyone's favorite swastika-tattooed mass murderer is reportedly getting married! The Associated Press reports that earlier this month Charles Manson, 80, received a marriage license to wed 26-year-old Afton Elaine Burton. » 11/17/14 5:41pm Monday 5:41pm

Missouri Gov. Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Ferguson Decision

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency in Missouri Monday afternoon, just days before a grand jury is expected to reach a decision about whether to indict Darren Wilson, the St. Louis County police officer who killed Michael Brown in August. The declaration, which is good for 30 days, also activates… » 11/17/14 3:22pm Monday 3:22pm