Accused Portland Teen: “I Didn’t Piss in the Fucking Water”

The Oregon teenager accused of urinating into a Portland reservoir, causing the city to dump more than 38 million gallons of treated water, has denied the allegations: "I didn't piss in the fucking water," Dallas Swonger said in an interview with Vocativ. » 4/18/14 9:06am Yesterday 9:06am

Look at This Guy Shucking Oysters on the Subway

New York City has a new hero: Meet Subway Oyster Shucking Man, distant cousin to Subway Brie Man. Not much is known about our oyster shucker, aside from the obvious: he's very prepared and very determined. But what's the rush? Eating brie on the go sort of makes sense, if you're hungry and happen to have a huge wheel… » 4/17/14 2:52pm Thursday 2:52pm

Watch Edward Snowden Ask Vladimir Putin a Question on Live TV

During a live broadcast on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin finally admitted what the world already knew or suspected: that Russian troops entered Crimea before a crucial March referendum. But the true surprise occurred later in the program, when Edward Snowden called in to ask Putin if Russia's surveillance… » 4/17/14 7:59am Thursday 7:59am

Missouri Mayor "Kind of Agrees" With Alleged Kansas Shooter About Jews

As it turns out, Frazier Glenn Miller, the former Ku Klux Klan leader who allegedly shot three people to death at two Kansas Jewish centers on Sunday, was sort of a popular guy. In fact, the mayor of Marionville, Mo., near where Miller used to live, considers the white supremacist a friend. » 4/16/14 2:30pm Wednesday 2:30pm

6 Dead, 290 Missing After Ferry Carrying South Korean Students Sinks

At least six people are dead and 292 remain missing after a ferry carrying mostly high school students capsized off the southern coast of South Korea on Wednesday. Dozens of rescue ships and aircrafts continue to search for survivors, though officials say the death toll is likely to rise drastically. » 4/16/14 8:04am Wednesday 8:04am