Saturday Night Live Has Dealt With Trump-Level Backlash Before. It Didn't End Well.

A number of well-respected Latino organizations aren’t that pleased that “Crafty Mexican Immigrants are Rapists and Criminals” Donald Trump will be hosting this week’s Saturday Night Live. They’re protesting outside Rockefeller Center and delivering a petition calling for the show to “Dump Trump.” They won’t get their… »11/06/15 12:20pm11/06/15 12:20pm


A Southern-Fried Sleepover at New York’s First Chick-Fil-A, Or How I Won a Year’s Supply of Chicken

Winning enough Chick-fil-A® chicken sandwiches, iced tea, and medium Classic Sides to fill a man’s grave is easy. All you have to do is line up on the sidewalk for three hours with 300 people while the lead-colored sky bleeds into black night; while stinging rain, flung down from heaven by an angry God and then up,… »10/06/15 10:21pm10/06/15 10:21pm

Someone Appears To Be Trying To Hoax The Marlins President Out Of His Job

When the Miami Marlins sent Marcell Ozuna to the minors on July 5, there was more in play than just giving the slumping third-year outfielder a chance “to get his rhythm back,” as Ozuna’s agent Scott Boras said he was told. Whether Ozuna becomes eligible for arbitration after this season or next depends on how much… »9/03/15 9:45am9/03/15 9:45am

Gawker Heroes: Anthony Graves

Anthony Graves spent 18 years in prison—and 10 on death row—for a murder he didn't commit. With the help of Nicole Cásarez, a lawyer and journalist, Graves was exonerated in 2010 and eventually received a $1.45 million settlement from the state of Texas. »12/22/13 7:18pm12/22/13 7:18pm