FBI Officially Accuses North Korea of Sony Hack

The FBI has concluded that North Korea is to blame for the devastating hacking attack against Sony Pictures. "North Korea's actions were intended to inflict significant harm on a U.S. business and suppress the right of American citizens to express themselves," the agency said in a statement released today. "Such acts… » 12/19/14 12:53pm Friday 12:53pm

Reports: U.S. Officials Link North Korea to Sony Hacks

U.S. officials have confirmed that North Korea was "centrally involved" in the Sony hack, according to reports in the New York Times, CNN, CBS News, and NBC News. The confirmation comes just hours after Sony canceled the release of The Interview, the James Franco-Seth Rogen comedy rumored to have triggered the… » 12/17/14 6:36pm Wednesday 6:36pm

Bells Ring in Havana as U.S. and Cuba Plan to Finally End the Cold War

President Obama announced today the United States is establishing full diplomatic relations with Cuba, ending more than a half-century of official hostility. "To the Cuban people, America extends a hand of friendship," Obama said during a nationally televised press conference this afternoon. » 12/17/14 2:20pm Wednesday 2:20pm

Dov Charney Fired From American Apparel, Again

Dov Charney is out again at American Apparel. The clothing company announced on Tuesday that the skeevy former CEO was fired "for cause" from his role as a consultant, a position he's held since July. In June, Charney was terminated as chairman after the company compiled a long list of his alleged offenses, including… » 12/16/14 5:03pm Tuesday 5:03pm

New York Mag Apologizes for $72 Million Teen Story: "We Were Duped"

New York magazine issued a succinct and straightforward apology Tuesday morning for publishing an article that implied Mohammed Islam, a senior at Stuyvesant High School, made $72 million trading stocks. "We were duped," the magazine's editors said in a statement. "Our fact-checking process was obviously inadequate;… » 12/16/14 11:55am Tuesday 11:55am

Camille Cosby Uses Rolling Stone's UVa Story to Defend Husband Bill

Monday afternoon, Camille Cosby finally broke her silence on the rape controversy surrounding her husband Bill, issuing a statement in his defense. In it, she compares media coverage of the rape accusations against Bill Cosby to Rolling Stone's University of Virginia fiasco. She concludes the statement by asking,… » 12/15/14 5:48pm 12/15/14 5:48pm

Gunman, Two Hostages Dead After Police Storm Australian Cafe

Two people are reportedly dead and three more are reportedly in serious condition after heavily-armed police stormed the Lindt Cafe in Sydney this morning. Just before the raid, several more hostages fled the cafe, where they'd been held by a gunman—identified as Man Haron Monis, a self-proclaimed cleric—for more than… » 12/15/14 10:34am 12/15/14 10:34am

Sydney Siege Gunman Identified as Man Haron Monis

Police have identified the man behind the on-going siege in Sydney as Man Haron Monis, a self-proclaimed cleric and former "spiritual healer" granted political asylum in Australia from Iran. Monis was recently charged with 50 counts of indecent exposure and sexual assault, and as an accessory to the murder of his… » 12/15/14 10:15am 12/15/14 10:15am

Tamir Rice's Death Ruled a Homicide 

Tamir Rice's death has been ruled a homicide. The 12-year-old boy, who was killed by a Cleveland police officer last month, "died as a result of a gunshot wound to the abdomen which injured his inferior vena cava, intestines, and pelvis," according to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner. » 12/12/14 1:51pm 12/12/14 1:51pm

Miserly Harvard Professor Harasses Chinese Restaurant Over $4

If a restaurant overcharges you by $4, there are two reasonable options: You could 1) not worry about it—it's only four dollars, after all, or 2) politely ask for your money back. If you're a huge asshole, there's a third option: You could write five emails—totaling hundreds of words—over three days demanding a refund… » 12/09/14 5:20pm 12/09/14 5:20pm

George W. Bush Knew He Was Too Stupid to Keep the CIA's Torture Secrets

Buried among more disturbing revelations in the Senate Intelligence Committee's new report on CIA's torture programs is this darkly hilarious tidbit: George W. Bush asked not to be told the locations of CIA detention facilities because he was worried he'd "accidentally disclose" the secret intel. » 12/09/14 3:15pm 12/09/14 3:15pm